Edge™ - Delay Gel for Men

NON-Numbing Long Lasting!
Long Lasting
Can be applied long before required

Contains NO Lidocaine or similar
Natural Formula 

Approx 30 Application
Renews Sexual Passion
Natural Aphrodisiacs
Intensifies Orgasms
Natural Formula

Approx 30 Applications.
Sweet Touch™ - Kissable Massage Oils

A magical potion of desire, Sweet Touch™ oils are silky smooth, warm on the skin and irresistible to the tongue.  Tenderly massage a few drops onto the skin and see your partner’s desire intensify as you blow gently to release the tingling warmth and sultry aroma… …then let your lips explore.​

Choose from a selection of all natural glycerine free water based or our silky smooth luxury silicone...

Using a delicious Belgian chocolate recipe these decadent rich smooth chocolate body paints are undeniably for lovers of fine things. 

Three irresistible flavours, Milk Chocolate, Cointreau and Kahlua.

Raging Bullhas been uniquely formulated using a combination of herbs, traditionally known for their sexual benefits, including improvements in: Penile strength and size, greater blood flow, increased libido, desire and stronger erections.